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Friday, May 27, 2011

alexandre herchcovitch x head porter pouch

from urban i saw this item on sale at cumulus at wheelock place. as i was on course 2day ta the airport, i surely will enjoy a long lunch hour break. sped down to wheelock over 1.5hr lunch break and got the item. 1/2 price, paid $174.50.

a design crossover of alexandre herchcovitch x medicomtoys' fabrick x head porter. a series of wallets, haversacks, laptop bags, wasit pouch and sling pouch in 3 different colors. they have sold the white/grey version which i prefer more, of a more distinct skull on the camo pattern. too bad they dont carry the new waist pouch.

porter seemed to have this new logo, like u'll see in the bape x headporter collaboration.

fabrick, something that was new to me.

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