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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

case mate for htc sensation

bought the above item thru at SGD43, incl normal post. decided to pick up item from fellow seller at his residence after my work tonight.

i paid for my item thru bank transfer, not paypal, and seller responded thru to my mobile the next day.

htc sensation, the battery eater, and with the lack or RAM (comparing to SGSII), makes the sensation even with 2x dual core not the best in the market.

this round, this case-mate case does not come with any cleaning cloth nor screen protector, just a simple packaging, of 2 pieces of housing, one internal rubber and a hard shell for the external. makes me wonder if this is the authentic product.

remember to clean your nice pretty back cover b4 u apply the rubber sheath, ok, they call it silicone. i have martin fields overlays applied which is a disaster since i have perpetual bubble at 4 corners of my screen. but good thing about martin fields overlays is that they come with the camera screen protector.

i've ordered the SP P540 official screen protector made by HTC via

next, apply the ABS plastic .... i do like the phone falling advert that case-mate conjured.

u'll notice from the badly taken photos, the 3.5mm jack is now deeper, will it cause a trouble for L-shape headphone plugs like Beats?

the ON/OFF switch is now covered by the silicon rubber ....

and so is your volume rocker. response is great, as if u were pressing it directly from your phone.

an imperfection due plastic cutting at factory, that leaves a little gap between the plastic and the rubber ....

should i test dropping my sensation?

should u buy a cheaper case for your prized htc sensation? or should u go for a leather flip case? or get this case-mate casing that makes your phone now like a toshiba toughbook?

question is, will u keep this phone that long b4 yr next switch, to justify a good case ....

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