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Saturday, October 01, 2011


my dad fell n broke his nose bridge + bit his tongue, at home, within the maid or my mom's reach. bleedind didnt stop so came an ambulance and he is warded in ttsh for the 4th day. my mom disagree on furthe unnecessary test, as the hospital fail to see him as a parkinson's disease patient. slight blood clot in is brain is diagnosed. i popped by b4 my sony tablet course and saw him in bed with his usual leg cramp. managed to calm him with a football leg cramp remedy and he fell asleep. he never enjoyed much of his life, working for the family his brothers n only to retire with this disease, of many others he endured. im nothing compared to my dad as a father myself
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Little Plastic Man said...

I wish your dad a speedy recovery.
Yes u are right.Our dads went through alot for the family.

sket said...

trying to get him discharge soon to avoid millions of ratlab test