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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

siong + leslie

after my nite duty at the tower i went to mandai crematorium direct with the crew. i've been to the one at lim chu kang and this one is equally serene. siong's brother thanked the colleagues' support and would like us to remember him in a great fashion but not let it affect our work.

siong left in a glorious way. a good man. and the world knows it, even if u dont know him in person. and, he climbed the charts, nice one brother!

leslie yeo was id-ed and his wake is up til friday. he's cremation will also be at mandai 11am on 9/1/09. leslie knows places, he's that cool. a quiet reserve but very knowledgeable fellow. both him and siong are prolific workers for CAAS. i remember one evening in my drinking years, just me vincent and leslie. we hopped pubs that night. 

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