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Thursday, January 22, 2009

toy shelf and cd shelf relocation

i've relocated my cd and toy shelf to my dad's room to makes space for more cupboards amongst many news .... here's the new breakdown ....

level 4 (top) consist now of miscellaneous toys ....

level 3 are the 12inch all stars

level 2 generally are sideshow star wars 12inch figures .... but extra space occupied by 2 jokers, no pun intended.

level 1 (bottom) are medicom star wars 12inch figures .... many of these are disintegration stage.

and on my desk is sideshow luke and hot toys duenan over a nice hefty toy stand. at the back the bruce brothers.


woodhead said...

bro, is that cd shelf from ikea too? Contemplating on what to buy so that I can put my comics n artbooks.

As for detolfs, I always believed the figures needed some "shelf space"..hehe.. that's why I never pack them in and have at most 3 per row. But then I end up with more detolfs! :p

sket said...

yes the cd shelf is BILLY model from ikea [like almost 10years old] but the wood will bend due weight of cds. singapore climate is bound to destroy toys.