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Saturday, March 05, 2011

SXM-026 marina militare 1940 by wotancraft

it was tracked the freight arrived on 3/3/11 morning. but tracking shows nothing. not even on 4/3/11. i requested for a self pickup together with my other GSD coming from san fransico. they made arrangement and also to investigate on the missing item. 2day, 5/3/11, morning 830am, it said it's out for delivery.

everything is stored in a cupboard box.

hey, a little baggie, with a wotancraft imprint on the leather tab. strap is sealed. nice.

hey, a pig submarine keychain for free, wow. and tubes packed and split.


GPF-Mod Dep buckle, didnt expect that. notice the strap is sewed near the pin side not on the tube side. avoids strap tearing.

didnt expect this print as wel. i tot all this will only come with the limited edition. worth every penny, mf.

the lable in flash. cnt see.

here we have it, bad photo for a brilliant item. wear in good health.

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