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Saturday, March 19, 2011


it all started with the lousy grading i got o friday, begged to know it .... the society chooses to think their work is more important then my welfare .... but the end, better not know cos i know i have overspent.

a busy tight schedule on saturday, managed to squeezed everything, and the idea of selling blu-ray was foretold it'll be bad, and it was true. got me busy just to earn some bucks for the familie's expenses .... all my wrong doing of cos, then led to the frustration

and of cos i rejected the recall .... $700 wasnt important to me cos my family is ....

funzcentre ran out of move navigation controller, hmv, which i just left has it after the call, n then my phone flew off my hands, admist struggling with the pram n the shopping bags n the panting from selling blu-rays

a series of unfortunate events ....

my phone is due for a change now it's trad i vaule will be low .....

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