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Sunday, September 28, 2008


"bram stoker's dracula" - directed by francis ford coppola used to be the ultimate love story movie. my views changed after i recollected the movie on blu-ray format recently, painfully dragging me for hours despite in full glory hi-def. 

my loneliness are sheltered by nice home movies. my sanity, contained by video games. life's torment never ends til the grave, if there's a next life, i'll re-live. life, there is never a game save you can replay.

my modern or 90s or the new millenium's love stories will be awarded to classics like "proof of life" - starring russell crowe and meg ryan. and another powerful one is "unfaithful" starring diane lane and richard gere. these movies has it's action and highs, but the hidden theme is love.

and another recent great, "30days of night" with josh harnett and melissa george.

love is not lust. love is not liking. love is a sacrifice.


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