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Monday, September 08, 2008

solving the freezing of singstar PS3 during updating songs

managed to find my game data on singstar for ps3 under the xmb .... 

i previously have a R2 version and i didnt know thy share the same file when i bought a R1 version. there's 1.9G worth of downloaded songs, and after wiping it clean, i dnt have my library of downloaded songs, but i no longer get the "updating songs - 50%" stuck/frozen  screen. 

the pain however is to re-download all songs, each song takes abut 1.5hrs subject to sign-out from us psn. this of course is better than wiping my hard disc for my ps3, which i luckily didnt, after desperate attempts not to find answers on the net, but after backing up my ps3 data using the backup function on the xmb, god directed me to the correct spot and it solved my problem.

now i got to make careful downloads .... some files could have been corrupted during download, especially when i get a signed-out and u re-download the same file, i guess this is when the corruption comes in. so ....

rule #1 
if i get a signed-out from the psn or the singstore, tho redownloading the same song it'll take faster, maybe i should choose to download another song first

rule #2
download 1 song at a time, test it by updating, then proceed to download a second song, dont donwload a bunch of songs at a goal

rule #3
download those songs that was before i got the freeze screen .... if my memory serves me well, below is the list that didnt had a corruption

-> A-Ha - the sun always shines on tv (ok)

-> A-Ha - hunting high and low (ok)

-> A-Ha - take on me (ok)

-> billy joel - just the way your are (ok)

-> bonnie tyler - total eclipse of the heart (ok)

-> britney spears - baby one more time (ok)

-> britney spears - overprotected (ok)

-> culture club - do you really wana hurt me (ok)

-> cutting crew - i just died in your arms (ok)

-> duran duran - ordinary world <--

-> duran duran - wild boys <--

-> duran duran - save a prayer <--

-> duran duran - planet earth <--

-> joy division - love will tear us apart (ok)

-> men at work - who can it be now (ok)

-> natalie imbruglia - torn (ok)

-> radiohead - creep (ok)

-> radiohead - high and dry (ok)

-> REM - everybody hurts (ok)

-> roxy music - more than this (ok)

-> spandau ballet - gold (ok)

-> survivor - eye of a tiger (ok)

safe songs (cos i have not download these yet):-

-> duran duran - union of the snake <--

-> duran duran - rio (ok)

-> suede - trash (ok)

suspicious songs :-

-> A-Ha - I've been losing you (safe)

-> culture club - karma chameleon (safe)

-> duran duran - hungry like a wolf (safe)

-> duran duran - the reflex (safe)

-> duran duran - is there something i should know (safe)

-> roxy music - jealous guy (safe)

-> suede - beautiful ones (safe)

* but in second thoughts, i decide to alter rule#3 .... download the suspicious songs first, so in case any of these songs cos a failure, i can avoid that song .... and start fresh again ....

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