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Monday, September 08, 2008

soul calibur 4 OST and secret blu-ray /

2 items arrived 2day. soul calibur 4 OST and a blu-ray starring jay chou.

the soul calibur 4 OST comes in 2 disc and 28 songs on disc1 and 37 songs on disc2.

after taking many days to download almost 20 over songs for my singstar for ps3, the game hangs suddenly. the game will update whenever u download songs. i was downloading some songs and switch to play the game, when it updates, the game hangs at updating on 50%. perhaps on of the song i downloaded is corrupted or the hard disk for the ps3 has a bad sector.

now i gotta figure after which song that i downloaded that has cos the crash.

my solution is either to sell the game, and loose $92 for the cost of the game, loose $60 of worth of downloaded songs OR reformat my ps3 hard disc and backup and update my other ps3 games .... which is bloody tedious, and worst re-download the singstar songs again, which is extremely tedious and time consuming. each song can take up to 1.5hr to download and not counting the number of log-out of psn by starhub or log-out by us psn.

reformatting my ps3 hard disk, i'll have to:-
1) update my ps3
2) choose which video to backup and which to delete
3) choose which pictures to backup and which to update
4) choose which music to backup and which to update
5) choose which game saves to back up and which to update
6) slowly download the game contents of my existing games

should this task takes a few days due to the slow speed of psn .... but i'll revive my singstar fr my wife and clean up my ps3 hdd .... provided it's not about a bad sector.

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