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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

last blu-ray for 2008?

i've fought not to go hmv. my intention was to check out the natgeo series + the nasa blu-rays. first caught my eye was tropic thunder, a movie i missed in the cinema.

will ferrell and reily c scott didnt do good enuff comedies of late. neither did adam sandler nor ben stiller. they had their fair share of peak movies.

fighting the traffic where orchard is filled with fun poses and photo light flashing. cars with heads engulfed into the window watching the xmas lights. it was a mistake to go into town at 930pm.

and i fought buying blu-rays. but i succumbed to just 1 title. hope it's a right choice.


woodhead said...

The blu is strong in this one.

sket said...

i am surprised by the amount of vulgarity. one of the better ben stiller flms